Catching Up…

So.. I didn’t blog at all like I was going to throughout my student teaching experience. I am planning on doing so from now on out – either weekly or biweekly. (It’s already in my planner so I have to do it, right?).

Today is my last day of Student Teaching in the 5th grade. For those who know me, I’ve always said that I was going to be in the younger grades, that that’s where I belong. However, as I leave the 5th grade, I realize how much I loved being here! The personalities of some of these kids are so much fun to experience. I didn’t expect loving it as much as I did.

A lot of that has to do with my Cooperating Teacher. She showed me how fun and exciting the 5th grade can be and she completely changed my mind about it. The kiddos had a lot to do with it too of course. From competing in a March Madness Bracket with them to planning fun, long-term projects, they were so fun to work with.They are also very good at making me sad on this last day with all of the cute “I will miss you’ messages I’ve been getting all day.

Something else I had going on during my time in the 5th grade was the edTPA. That took up most of my time. It was a long process but I submitted and will know in a couple weeks if I passed. (Fingers crossed!)

I am also in the process of applying for jobs. I found a district that I absolutely love and think I would fit well in, so hopefully I’ll get a call!

I am planning on putting together a post about my favorite things of 5th grade. I just had so much fun the past 8 weeks – I don’t know how I’ll choose what to write about!

Thanks friends, look forward to more frequent posts in the future! 🙂


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