Favorites Finds of November

Happy December 1st! It’s my favorite time of year, the first snowfall, hot coffee, and spending time with family and friends for the holidays.

Before all of that however, it’s time to look back on my Favorite Finds of November! This months obsession has been looking at classroom organization and decor (it’s been too much fun looking at all of this)


First things first. How cute is this organization system from What the Teacher Wants?! It’s so simple and looks great! You can just take old pasta sauce container, wash them out, get some chalkboard paint and bam! Your desk is organized!


Next is this beautiful classroom set up (author unknown). I love everything about it. The calming and fun colors, the signs above the tables, and the cute corner with the tent in the back? How fun! I think the wall behind the tent would be a great place for a “Wall of Fame” where students can post some of their work.


Lastly, this table from Polka Dot Kinders. What a great idea! I remember when I was in school, drawing on the table was the coolest. This teacher made her table drawing friendly with the polka dots. How engaging for kiddos!

That’s it for this months Favorite Finds. I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂




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